the cups. water element. emotions, relationships, feelings. 

the cups are mutable and ever changing.


ace of cups. fertile beginnings of love in your life. you’re accepting happiness and positivity into your life. believing in the good comes naturally, and you effortlessly attract good shit.


two of cups. look at that, you’ve already found a homie! this could be any type of relationship that sees you on your soul level. it’s new and it’s full of hope and promise. when you vibe off each other you get more and more ideas and plans for the future. you amp each other up in the best ways and feel like someone finally “gets” you. very similar to the energy of the lovers card.


three of cups. you’ve been so chill and happy lately, you’ve attracted even more of your tribe. this card is all about cheers-ing with your people. you all support each other and share your gentle enthusiasm. all feels right n your world, and you are grateful as fuck.


four of cups. it seems like you’re so used to getting everything exactly how you want it, and all of a sudden nothing feels special anymore. you’re kinda bored. you find yourself feeling like things aren’t good enough. i won’t say you’re spoiled, you’ve just been living the easy life for a minute and you’re getting complacent. use this energy to reevaluate what’s important to you and to recognize the blessings you’ve already received.


five of cups. due to your melancholy in the four of cups, you’ve kinda lost some of your crew. you’re super disappointed because you thought they were gonna be there for you no matter what. take this time to just grieve that loss. don't blame yourself because everyone is going through they own thing. timing is just off right now. let yourself feel the feelings but don’t stay there for long. 


six of cups. now that you’ve had time to move through the disappointment of the five of cups, you’re able to feel a sense of fond nostalgia. this could come from a song, a scent, a piece of vintage clothing (or maybe this tarot deck, haha). there’s something that’s bringing you back to better times, when the past has been pleasantly hazed by years of distance. let this feeling fuel you to create that happiness again today. recognize that there are always ups and downs, and you have the power to be that loving force again.


seven of cups. after the rollercoaster of emotions you’ve been on, you’re kind of feeling overwhelmed. you’re not sad, you’re not happy, you’re actually just kinda confused. there are a lot of decisions that lay before you, and you’re tempted by all of them. you can’t make up your mind because you can’t quite tell what is real and what is a delusion of your mind. maybe you’ve been overcompensating with the positivity and you’re on that spiritual bypass tip. utilize all this energy by creating and experimenting with your spiritual practices. try to get a grip on the facts and not the narratives you’ve created in your own mind. things will clear up soon, just don’t make any major decisions right now. this card has a similar vibe to the moon, in terms of just not really knowing what’s up and having to sit in that feeling.


eight of cups. ok so after the five, six and seven of cups, you’re kinda spent. you’ve felt confused and all over the place, and now is the time to just let yourself be done with it. you tried to think positive, you tried to zero in on the best plan of action, you let yourself work through your feelings… and it’s still just not right. it’s ok to retreat and let yourself heal. by letting go of situations that aren’t serving you, there is room for new opportunities to bloom in that space.


nine of cups. oh heeeey! look at that! you’ve found your groove again. some good luck came your way and you feel like you know who you are again. your wishes are being fulfilled and you are finally out of your slump. just don’t let this energy go too far and lead you back into the four again. appreciate what you have and share it with others.


ten of cups. all of your dreams have come true! you found your tribe, you have support and love, and you have found a sense of joy that is strong enough to last. you’ve weathered the disappointments and figured out how to take it all in stride. this is a place of contentment and fulfillment. 


page of cups. angela chase.

one time i heard this card referred to as an awakening of self, and angela is so perfectly that. as a teen she is in the cut of that deep emotional landmine of high school and she shows up day after day, crying and being awkward as she fumbles towards the love of her life. when jordan catalano shows interest in her, the excitement and terror she feels are so palpable, so over flowingly cups-like. this card is often seen as an indicator of love on the horizon.


knight of cups. winona ryder.

so i don’t know which version of winona is specifically the knight of cups to me, but i am heavily leaning towards girl interrupted winona. she has all these damn feelings and she kinda hates the world but she never gives up. there’s impulsivity and some delusion going on, but she allows the people around her to be her teachers. introspection serves her as she lets herself feel all her damn feelings til things make sense again. 


queen of cups. lykke li.

this queen is the ultimate unconditionally loving mama. so full of love and care and gentle beauty. compassion, intuition and spirituality are her hallmarks. this seems like lykke li to me. her lyrics are so raw and vulnerable, but not naive or fumbling. 


queen of cups, second edition. india arie.


king of cups. tupac shakur.

shortly after the first batch of decks went out, someone wrote to me asking why tupac would ever be the king. i have to admit, this choice was totally based on the man i know he would have grown to be if he was still around today. caring, tolerant, diplomatic and powerful enough to make lasting change. a gentle leader, with the wellbeing of everyone on his mind. you don’t write a song like “keep ya head up” and NOT have a shit ton of potential to overcome the “i get around” years.