the pentacles. earth element. the physical, security, work and home. 

pentacles are grounding, nurturing and stable.


ace. here’s that burst of energy you need to start your next project! you have plenty of resources and you know exactly where to begin. Let’s get to work! 


two of pentacles. changes cause you to create a balancing act between your responsibilities and your dreams. you’re able to remain fluid and flexible. toeing the line is easy for you. juggling multiple hats and visions at once isn’t easy but you make it look effortless.


three of pentacles. teamwork! others join you to perfectly execute your big plans. the work may be challenging, but you have the right team in place to make things happen.


four of pentacles. while you may have everything under control, there’s a sense of rigidity to it. you’re afraid of losing your secure base so you cling to it a little too tightly. you’ve built such a solid form! but if you can relax your grip, things will likely move along more smoothly. don’t let greed or sense of lack get the best of you. 


five of pentacles. whoopsie. you thought you had built the perfect foundation, but things took a turn for the worse. you may feel down and out right now, but you’re not alone and you still have people in your life who can help you get back up on your feet again. try not to let sadness or anxiety overwhelm you. this setback is not the end of your story.


six of pentacles. new growth! you asked for help and support grew up all around you. you’re understanding the importance of giving as well as receiving. being generous with your resources helps others find success as well, and we all flourish together.


seven of pentacles. you’re feeling a bit of impatience right now. you know you put in the work, you surrounded yourself with the right people and you’re not seeing the results as quickly as you would like to. you must trust your roots are deep enough and you will bloom once again. don’t give in to worry. fear of failing will not help you gain success. trust in your abilities and resources. you’re in a great place! just try to chill. 


eight of pentacles. you’re in the flow of learning, applying that knowledge and gaining precise skills. make sure to be mindful about whatever you’re creating and find the joy in the act of making. try not to think about the payoff, focus on your love of the craft. just keep making, and having fun while you’re doing it. take pride in your work! enjoy the process!


nine of pentacles. you’re finally seeing the rewards of all your hard work. you are overcome with a sense of pride and accomplishment. you applied yourself, worked hard, and have achieved personal success. get it!!!


ten of pentacles. this card is straight earthly bliss. you are completely secure in your world. you have all of your needs met, and you have built a foundation that will last a lifetime. you enjoy all the pleasures of this life and feel confident in your ability to provide for yourself and your loved ones. 


page of pentacles. felicity porter.

pages have that naive thing going on, and something about the story of felicity felt like the page of pentacles to me. she was super smart, studious, a little uptight… she had her life all planned out and was derailed by a dude. she followed her heart and made some wild decisions, but she’s got such a good head on her shoulders, you know she will eventually find her way and be successful no matter what path she chooses.


knight of pentacles. mary kate and ashley olsen.

knights are all about action, making bold moves. there’s something about mary kate and ashley’s success that is so fascinating to me. are they not the only child stars that didn’t end up drug addicts (heath ledger speculations aside)? somehow they avoided that fate and became complete moguls. they are still so young and yet they have strategically capitalized on their childhood fame. that feels like the knight to me. methodical and daring. they expect success.  they work hard and they remain professional (or at least ashley tries to). they could have easily ended up like the coreys, but instead they have built an empire.


queen of pentacles. jennifer lopez // reese witherspoon

jennifer lopez came up! she worked her ass off and now enjoys all the finest things life has to offer. no lie, when i was trying to think of what the queen of pentacles meant to me, i started thinking of lavish abundance, earthly treasures and pleasures… and then i remembered some article i read about jlo having her own custom horse hair eyelashes made (this was way before you saw fake lashes all over the place). i don’t know why that stuck in my mind so much, but i was just like DAMN that’s luxury. jenny from the block knows how to treat herself right! as i was working on the second edition, legally blonde came on and i became torn between who truly felt like this queen to me. yes, jlo is amazing, but reese has been relevant (to me) since fear (nicole 4 eva). she was an alternate for the first edition, and i knew i needed to have her in here the second time around. legally blonde is one of those movies that always happens to come on when i'm really depressed and it cheers me up every time. the longevity and solid-ness of my love for reese is what put her in the queen of pentacles role for me. enough doesn't actually hold up with time, ya know??


king of pentacles. oprah.

this one just seems obvious. to be honest i have no idea what oprah is doing right now, but i know she has achieved literally everything. if there’s a video game of life she beat the last round and broke the game. as a woman of color she overcame every obstacle and rules her abundant kingdom with a sense of indestructibility and wisdom. i’m still holding out for oprah to be the president, obvi.