the swords. air element. thoughts, communication, intellect. the swords are projective, dynamic and revolutionary.

ace of swords. this card is that channeled eureka moment you get in the shower. the moment a new idea is born. clarity and truth have bestowed themselves upon you. 

two of swords. ok so your idea is great but you kinda don’t know how to move it forward. there’s some type of conflict involved. your head and your heart are on two different wavelengths. confusion. a stalemate. you don’t have all the information yet and you’re still trying to make a choice. try to consider other possible outcomes and know that sometimes you just have to compromise. 

three of swords. damnit, whatever direction you chose has resulted in heartache. you feel betrayed, frustrated and fucked over. it’s ok to feel overwhelmed and pissed off, but know that playing the victim will not serve you now. we all go through tough stuff, and clinging to an idea of what something could have been will only distract you from the process of moving forward. something shitty happened. work through the thoughts and feelings associated with that and then recognize the power of the swords. with the thinking, it’s always a choice. you can view this heartache as fertilizer for growth. 

four of swords. remember when i said you have to work through the thoughts and feelings of the three? this card is that. it’s a card of rest and contemplation. meditation. journaling. processing. hermit vibes. can you be still? can you rest in this place? it’s so hard but so worth it to learn to sit with whatever you’re experiencing right now. this is a card of regrouping. licking your wounds. saving up your energy so you can allow new ideas to surface.

five of swords. the five takes the “brush it off” advice a little too far. maybe you feel betrayed and now you’re all bitter. you view most things as a potential battle. you jump to defensiveness. you gotta win and you kinda don’t care who you screw over in the process. it’s a ‘me me me” kinda card, which sometimes is necessary but can become a narrow cage of isolation if you stay there. pay attention to your motivations at this time. 

six of swords. whew. this is the first sign of relief we see with the swords. this is the dawn after the stormy night. maybe you get out of town for a little while to reset the brain’s habitual patterns. you can ask for help. you can begin to heal. it’s a reprieve. you can imagine a new direction and you may find liberating solutions to old problems.

seven of swords. this is a card about running away from your messes. you gather up your stuff and just dip out, not knowing how to or wanting to deal with anything. you’re gonna get a little sliced up from your swords but you don't even care cause you literally just can’t.

eight of swords. you’ve gotten yourself into such a pickle you are literally afraid of everything. you don’t even know what you’re scared of any more but everything just totally freaks you out. you’re awash in a sea of brain chemistry reinforcing every regret and shame you've ever experienced on a continuous loop. but the key here is to realize it’s all in your head. you are your worst enemy right now, and you have the power to change your thoughts. panic passes through us faster if we allow it to move through instead of fight it. 

nine of swords. imagine the fear of the eight and kick up a few notches. now you’re in nine. full blown fucking terror. your irrational thoughts are becoming bodily patterns of anxiety and panic. this is a truly dreadful place to be in because you can not imagine any way out. this is a great time to give yourself a damn break. panic is real but it is not forever. BREATHE. it’s a nightmare but eventually you do wake up, ya know? (i love you.)

ten of swords. sweet release. you worried yourself sick to the point where you just need to starfish in the middle of the floor for hours. drool on yourself. whine. wine. cry. do all the things. and now can you realize that so much of this was of your own doing? playing the victim and feeding into fear have brought you to this place of rock bottom. while it’s been a long nightmare of a journey, it’s over now. let’s take this wild ride as a lesson to be diligent with your thoughts and always feed the good wolf, so to speak. 

page of swords. veronica mars.

obviously not quite in the 90s era but that little spitfire left a mark on my soul at a really intense time so i had to include her. she seems exactly like my idea of what the page of swords encompasses. young, smart as fuck, calculating, totally driven, kind of mean, always fighting for the underdog... but because she doesn't have a whole lot of experience she will totally cry over logan's dumb ass. veronica runs circles around the cops and the adults in her life, but will 100% lock herself in her room over a boy. very page of swords.

knight of swords. lena dunham // robin tunney as deb from empire records.

this knight is super smart, impulsive, quick witted and maybe a little careless. they have tons of ideas but don’t always execute them with as much sensitivity as they should. i don’t even know why this is so lena dunham to me, but it is. she just goes full throttle into her own little world and doesn’t stop to think how she could use her voice for anything other than talking about herself ( no judgement here, btw cause i am that. 100). given more time and heart lead guidance, this knight will be an amazing force to reckon with. but right now you’re kinda just like “ugh, you think you’re so smart, don’t you. just wait”.

for the second edition i re-instated deb from empire records as my knight. she was the original choice, but as i was creating the deck girls was in it's final season. as a recent californian transplant, i was super homesick and completely obsessed with watching this show. i was toying with lena for a few different court cards, so i printed a photo of her that i loved, as well as this one of deb. when i started cutting them out for my collage, i realized deb's head was bigger then the damn card. and since the tail end of this deck was made rather quickly, i just had to scrap it and move on. it never quite sat right with me, cause there's no way i could make a 90's deck and NOT rep empire records. so as much as i appreciate the things lena has done for the world of (white) females, i gotta go with DEB on this. and here's the thing. when i pull the knight of swords, i always just think, "well, he's kind of a dick"... and that sums up my vibe of this card. smart as all hell, but not concerned with what others think or need. so deb isn't the quintessential-heartless-self obsessed-bull in a china shop (deb does have the feels!), but she can be rather, um, blunt. to the point. and stubborn enough to cause bodily injury to get her point across. this feels like the knight of swords to me.

queen of swords. shannen doherty. 

this queen has been through it all. she holds nothing back and displays brutal honesty. she is incredibly wise and has known deep sorrow. because of all this she does not mince words. tells it like it is, has a relentless honesty. if this isn’t brenda walsh and prue halliwell then i don’t know who it is. brb gonna go binge watch 40 seasons of 90210 and charmed.

king of swords. aesop rock.

brilliant intellect and complete integrity. aesop rock uses the english language with such skill and finesse he is the epitome of what i believe this king to be. he may not be super relatable, but you know he knows what he’s talking about. RESPECT.