the wands. fire element. passion, creativity, action. 

wands are expansive, transformative, and inventive.


ace of wands. this is your fresh spark! you’ve been waiting for inspiration? here it is, man! light it up!! pure passion, fire and creativity are ripe to be utilized.


two of wands. you’re in your own groove now, but you have a decision to make. commitment time, ugh. you don’t need to be worried though, just jump in. dream big, see the whole damn thing, and don’t worry about the minutia of how you’re supposed to make it happen. go for it.


three of wands. you’ve made your decision, and you’re manifesting all that you desire. it feels effortless, fun and exciting. like that morning caffeine high. and you have people around you who are equally as stoked, amping you up.


four of wands: you did it! you did the damn thing! friends gather in celebration for the beautiful foundation you have created. it’s time to take a break and be proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far. enjoy the feelings of optimism and gratitude, boo!


five of wands: now that you are killing the game, others are popping up in competition. don’t let your fire get drowned out by conflicting views. try to cooperate and collaborate instead of getting petty. remain true to yourself, but play nice with others too. a little healthy competition is good for us.


six of wands: victory is here! you stuck it out and got the recognition you deserve. you didn’t give up and you have learned so much. don’t forget to include the ones who were by your side the whole time.  let’s do a victory lap!


seven of wands. it’s time to believe in yourself, big time. the odds aren’t in your favor, but you have been through conflict before. you know what to do. stand your ground. trust your intuition. don’t waver. your instincts will guide you so stay brave. 


eight of wands. it’s time for action! whatever you’ve been wanting to do, now is the time to make moves. make that pitch, plan that trip, tell them how you really feel. this is a time for swift movement and being direct.


nine of wands. ok, this is the time to not give up. it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster and you’re kind of exhausted but you are so close to the finish line. reserve your energy for what lies ahead. your stamina and passion must sustain you right now. if your heart’s not in it, you won’t have what it takes to press on.


ten of wands: you’re kind of burnt out from the wild ride of the wands. you had such big plans, and so many moments that inspired you to keep going, but somewhere along the line you took on too much. stop draining your power. it’s wise to take care of yourself at this time, as you did the best you could and there’s still so much to be proud of! knowing when to slow your roll is crucial to success and survival for the long haul.


page of wands. tlc

enthusiastic and spontaneous, the page of wands is all about curiosity, excitement and fire. i chose tlc for this card because the three of them were so creative and so damn fun. but the pages are always a little naive, uncertain or underdeveloped, and the behind the music of tlc really illustrates that vibe for me. so much damn potential, but not always the most informed decision making and therefore not necessarily as successful as they could have been. in the right hands, they could have been as powerful as three beyonces, no?? regardless of their commercial or financial success, they still have some of the greatest songs that have last the test of time, so they still got that fuego.


knight of wands. redman and method man.

the knights have all the spontaneity and excitement of the pages, but then they also take action. in some cases, extreme action. the knights are always a wild card, kinda like unruly teenagers. i chose red and meth because they seem like the type of dudes i will absolutely always go hang out with and also absolutely always end up in some type of trouble. charming as all hell, they can usually talk their way out of it, but you never know when their fun loving ways will bite them in the ass. they are always down to take action, but aren’t usually particularly concerned with consequences.


queen of wands. rosie perez.

the queen of wands is very much a maternal figure, but she will also turn on a dime and unleash the fury. she’s overwhelmingly creative, funny, exciting and loving… but she can also put you in your place with the quickness. no one’s gonna mess with her. she’s smart as hell and she will let you know it. her fierce loyalty shows at all times. maybe a little bit of a firecracker. once i got angry about something and my friend said it was like i turned into rosie perez, so that has always reminded me of what the queen of wands is like. 


king of wands. missy elliot.

kings are the full potential of the suit, so there’s passion, creativity and alchemy fully manifested in an outward way. power and order help the king execute his wild dreams in a more concrete, literal way. missy eliot represents this to me because she has had some of the wildest ideas and she makes them come to life regardless of the circumstances. wearing a garbage bag for your new single’s video?? playing the verse backwards?? make that shit happen!!!!! if you can dream it, you can fucking do it.