Hello Again.

Blogging. Why even?

That is a question that has been rolling through my head since the end of third semester. It’s time consuming. It’s self involved. It’s over done. 

I don’t have enough words to fill up meaningful posts. Nothing so interesting happens that I need to write about it in addition to my myriad of other social media updates. Basically everyone has a blog and they write the same damn things over and over and over.

As someone who has a lengthly feed (I miss you, Google Reader), I can tell you I look at it once a week. I read one or two blogs out of the hundreds I follow. Gawker, sometimes Pajiba. Everything else is scroll, scroll, scroll, pause. Scroll, scroll, pin. The only thing of tangible value is some blog dedicated to Brooklyn because then at least I know where I want to eat that weekend or when my stop will be skipped by the M train for six months.

Blogging can be useful though. What if I need help deciding on my new haircut? What if I make something weird and cool that only my internet friends would understand? What if I have a story that’s sort of worth sharing?

Finding words to create actual paragraphs more than 140 characters forces you to grow. Looking at your thoughts out in the world makes you see who you are and who you want to be. No matter what, I will learn. And that’s all I ever really want to do is learn.

Also, I have a job that entails a desk and a computer during prime sunshine hours. What the hell else am I supposed to do all day??