i taught myself how to screenprint!

can't believe i kept up with a weekly scrapbook for an entire year! i am so fucking proud of myself. it's just so non-commitment phobe of me. seeing all the pages in this form makes my favorite bits stand out. can you guess the biggest one? yep. the "keep your joy on" page. just pops right out at me. it inspired me to create a little mini kit of my current faves, which you can check out in my shop here. looking back on all that i've documented this year, i must say it was a very good year and i learned a lot about myself and how i would like to interact with my world and the people in it.  my favorite part is re-reading my intentions from the first page and realizing all but one of them came into fruition throughout the year. definitely reinforced my oh fifteen thoughts and made me even more excited to see what this new year holds.