A company that we frequently use at work is Eskayel.

 I follow them on Instagram and I am constantly inspired by the uniqueness of their designs. They employ ideas I've always dreamed of (Can't we just like, watercolor the walls??) and I admire their ability to constantly keep the same concept fresh.

1. Madagascar 2. Not Sure About this One 3. Yoke Wedge Dress 4. Wall 5. Diamond Scarf

Naturally, when I love something, it inevitably finds it's way into my scrapbook pages. This paper is stunning, and I tried to make my own version with my watercolors. I hated watercolors when I had to render perspective drawings at school, but all the leftover paints are coming in handy now that I'm not being graded by Joan Melnick!

Another awesome Eskayel piece is this scarf which then turned into another paper. I think the key to making this work is cutting up the pieces. When I actively try to create a pattern it usually looks forced (and therefore bad), but if I chop half of it off I suddenly love it. Using masking tape is an easy and fun way to create resist patterns and all the tiny bits are perfect for adding to pocket pages. Sometimes I run out of photo paper and just print my pictures on watercolor paper...

One of my favorite things to use is the test paper from my various watercolor projects. You never actually pay attention to it, but when you finish it usually has some artistic value that can find it's way onto one of your pages!